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P.S.R. Ureh

Philosophical Conservative American Author

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New Release

It's Right There
(March 9th, 2024)

It's Right There is a rare 21st Century Philosophical piece giving a deep take on every aspect of life to strengthen human society. It's a reprogramming to never be programmed again. A grand awakening that tackles the world influences from a logical standpoint while demonstrating how to be free of them. It's Right There is to push individuals to take accountability, accept responsibility and serve a higher purpose taking control of their lives harnessing the unlimited power that's inside of them.

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Now Available

"It was a wonderful experience editing the book that was filled with thoughtful, observational wisdom addressing real human experiences. I really enjoyed reading the manuscript in its entirety and could relate to most of the subject matter. I believe that this book has a positive energy and highlights the obvious that has unfortunately turned into a taboo."

"There certainly needs to be more literature of this sort." - Fatima H

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Upcoming Appearances


March 9th

Book Release Day & Private Celebration Reception


Late March

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Mid-April, @TBD

Live Speaking Event w/ Book Signing and Q&A

More Info TBD

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About P.S.R. Ureh

P.S.R. Ureh is the creator of the Mind Of 3. A Multiversal concept that is introduced as the new way of life. He's a Philosophical Conservative American Author from Charlotte, North Carolina In 2023, Ureh became the first member of his family tree. "It's Right There" is his debut book as a young Author. Ancient History, Astronomy, and Spirituality are the 3 subjects he admired throughout life. Ureh's mission is to promote education and push individuals to become an Unstoppable Force. It's all about Order, Purposefulness, and Expansion to Ureh as he prepares to be the leader of the New World.

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